Reflecting Stars

Reflecting Stars
Each place is a pathway to all others.
The building was dark and extremely dusty when we first started constructing our quarters. The front doors were hanging loosely, but were chained shut and padlocked through the broken panes. Only street vagrants, entering via the dangling fire escapes, had used the upstairs during the prior decades. There was no electricity and no running water either. The building stood as a relic from a time when gas lighting was still in use in Seattle. The second and third floors upstairs in the building, consisted of generously large abandoned apartments which had been occupied after World War II. Wallpaper was peeling everywhere from the walls, and pigeons roosted on the burned rafters of a blackened corner apartment which fire had claimed sometime in the past. Everywhere there was thick dust and detritus, rubble and junk. Many of the exterior windows had long since been smashed out by sheer exposure to weather and the vandalism of the international district.


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Photo by John Hubbard

Stick man tapes

Stick man tapes
Drones of a 1990 Yeast Sculpture.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tape information extract:

Red Light Remixes by Yeast Culture with Achim Wollscheid and All Fours.

Live recordings were made in Atlanta, Georgia at the Red Light Cafe during Suitcase Recordings' Paper & Plastic CD release event on Saturday, May 23, 1998. There was a performance by All Fours (Eric Blevins with Mark Schomburg), and another by Achim Wollscheid. Also, Wollscheid's computer clapper system had been installed onto some of the cafe's furniture. There was also a piano which got played anonymously from time to time. Mark Schomburg made percussion, voice and field recordings at or near the Red Light Cafe
and in other Atlanta locations that weekend. All recordings were made for integration into the live performance, except for an improvisational playing of a door by Achim Wollscheid which was conducted separately. This new studio concrete work was produced by combining both live and field recordings with additional sound sources.
Although five track titles are listed below, this is one long work of audio production which attempts to bring together the multiple elements into transitioning focus. Many of the sounds here were not heard at the performance, but were simply preserved on tape. It was part of the show's concept that a crossover existed between different performers and their sounds. Wollscheid's performance included immediate sound samples of the other artists both live and from prior field recordings, creating a generalized time frame. Yeast Culture has expanded this concept to include all total materials from these performances into a remix with additional related source tapes by All Fours and Allen Russell. Both sides of this tape are the same.

Achim Wollscheid (door) & Yeast Culture (sounds):.Der Eingang ist der Ausgang
Yeast Culture on All Fours (objects, electronics, tapes):....................Scattershot
All Fours with Yeast Culture (from source tapes):...............................Intermission
Achim Wollscheid (computer, from performance):...................We'll Call You Later
Various:..........................................................................................Caraway Seeds

Engineered, mixed and produced by Mark Schomburg in July 2010 from microcassettes. Live tapes by Eric Blevins. Thanks to Allen Russell for production equipment. Made in Oregon.

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Red Light Cafe, Atlanta

Red Light Remixes

Red Light Remixes
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